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8+4 Free Digital Marketing Tools

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Your Digital Presence

In the modern era, digital presence has gone from a privilege to a prerequisite for the success of any business. Through targeted social media advertising campaigns, search (SEO/SEM), and email marketing, you can reach dynamic leads interested in your products or services. In addition, by creating a strong online presence with an up-to-date website, blog, and active social media activity, you can build trust and awareness for your brand.

Quality Content 

Creating quality content plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of the audience and establishing contact with them. Being present on various digital channels, such as blogs, podcasts, and videos, offers the opportunity to interact with your audience in a more dynamic way and share your experience with your customers. In addition, a consistent presence on these channels helps maintain interest and renewed communication with your audience, creating a network of loyal customers who support your brand.

Suitable Tools

The use of appropriate tools is essential for an effective digital strategy and the achievement of objectives. Modern tools offer solutions for managing, analysing and improving digital presence. From organizational applications to audience analysis tools, their use enables appropriate decisions and continuous improvement in the digital environment, leading to success and business growth.

Let's see some digital marketing tools

The team at Net n' Design, with its expertise in the field of Digital Marketing, suggests 8+4 free tools that can be powerful allies in your growth efforts:

Chat GPT
Google Workspace
Google Analytics
Google Trends
Google Ads
Google My Business


Notion Control Panel Digital Marketing Tool

Notion: Organization and Collaboration Tool in One


Description: Notion combines elements of note-taking, project management and teamwork in a flexible and customizable environment.


    • Create notes, to-do lists, tables, databases and more
    • Customization with standards and extensions
    • Real-time collaboration
    • Availability on different platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android)


    • Organization and monitoring of work
    • Collaboration of your whole team
    • Adaptation to your needs
    • Access from anywhere

Metricool Control Panel Digital Marketing Tool

Metricool: Social Network Analysis and Management Tool


Description: Metricool allows you to analyze, manage and optimize your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitch, YouTube and LinkedIn.


    • Analysis of statistics and routes
    • Planning and scheduling of posts
    • Management of comments and messages
    • Competition analysis
    • Ad creation and management


    • Comprehensive analysis for all social media
    • Optimization of your strategy
    • Increase interaction
    • Save time and resources

Chat GPT Control Panel Digital Marketing Tool

ChatGPT: Creating Marketing Content and Answering Questions


Description: ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, produces text, answers questions, translates, writes code and more.


    • Create text and answers to questions
    • Text summary
    • Language translation
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Code writing and proofreading


    • Creating quality content
    • Improving customer service
    • Increase productivity
    • Automatic translation and analysis

Evernote Control Panel Digital Marketing Tool

Evernote: Information Storage and Organization


Description: Evernote lets you store anything you want, from notes and to-do lists to emails and files, and find them easily.


    • Free to use with basic functions
    • Compatibility with various devices
    • Search by content
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for converting images to text
    • Sharing notes with other users


    • Information storage and organization
    • Access from anywhere
    • Search and retrieve information easily
    • Collaborate with other users

DeepL Control Panel Digital Marketing Tool

DeepL: Accurate and Natural Translation of Texts


Description: DeepL uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate and natural translations of texts in various language combinations.


    • Support for many language combinations
    • High quality translations
    • Preservation of the style and flow of the text


    • Accurate communication in multiple languages
    • Improve your international presence
    • Understand foreign texts with ease
    • Save time and translation costs

Hotjar Control Panel Digital Marketing Tool

Hotjar: Website Optimization for Better Usability


Description: Hotjar is a powerful tool that helps you understand how users interact with your website, allowing you to improve user experience and conversion rates.


    • Guest screen records
    • Heat maps for user clicks
    • Conversion pipelines for tracking the user journey
    • Polls to collect direct feedback
    • Hiring auditors for usability testing


    • Improving the user experience
    • Increase conversions
    • Identify problems and improvements
    • Understanding user behaviour

Canva Control Panel Digital Marketing Tool

Canva: Creating Attractive Marketing Artwork Without Special Knowledge


Description: Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design platform that allows you to create professional images, presentations and other visual elements without advanced knowledge.


    • Easy-to-use design interface
    • Rich collection of templates
    • Free images, graphics and stickers
    • Customize elements and colors
    • Export to various file formats


    • Create beautiful visual elements at no cost
    • Save time and resources
    • Improve the visual identity of your business
    • Access to a large library of resources

Google Workspace Control Panel Digital Marketing Tool

Google Workspace: An Integrated Digital Marketing Tool for Business Use


Description: Google Workspace, formerly known as G-Suite, is a collection of innovative tools designed specifically to meet the needs of modern businesses. It offers a comprehensive solution for teamwork, project management and effective communication, boosting your business productivity and growth.

Main Features

    1. Teamwork:
    • Gmail: a reliable email platform with smart features for team communication and task management.
    • Google Drive: store and share files in the cloud securely and easily accessible from anywhere.
    • Google Docs, Sheets & Slides: create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time with real-time collaboration.
    • Google Calendar: share a calendar for scheduling appointments, meetings and activities with easy organization and coordination.
    • Google Meet: high-quality video calls and video conferencing for instant communication and collaboration remotely.
    1. Communication:
    • Gmail: a reliable email platform with smart features for team communication and task management.
    • Google Chat: instant messaging app for real-time chats and group discussions.
    • Google Meet: High-quality video calls and video conferencing for instant communication and collaboration at a distance.
    1. Project Management:
    • Google Tasks: create and manage tasks, to-do lists and reminders with easy organization and tracking.
    • Google Calendar: a shared calendar for scheduling appointments, meetings and activities with easy organization and coordination.
    • Google Forms: create surveys, polls and forms for data collection and feedback.
    • Google Drive: store and share files in the cloud with security and ease of access from anywhere.

Additional Digital Marketing Tools


In addition to the core features of Google Workspace, Google offers a range of additional tools that can enhance your digital strategy:


Google Analytics Control Panel

  1. Google Analytics:
  • Powerful tool for analyzing website traffic and understanding user behavior.
  • Generate reports on data such as demographics, traffic sources, user behaviour and campaign performance.

Google Trends Control Panel

  1. Google Trends:
  • Free tool for analyzing web search trends.
  • Explore the popularity of topics and search terms over time.
  • Understand audience interests and predict future trends.

Google Ads Control Panel

  1. Google Ads:
  • Advertising platform for displaying ads on various Google services and partner sites.
  • Create and manage text, banner and video ads.
  • Target specific audiences based on demographics, interests and behavior.
  • Monitor performance and optimize campaigns for maximum results.

  1. Google My Business
  • Free platform for creating and managing business profiles on Google Maps and Google Search.
  • Update basic information, opening hours, photos and reviews.
  • Interact with customers through messages and responses to reviews.
  • Improve the visibility of your business online and attract new customers.

In conclusion

Whether small businesses, startups or large organizations, using the right digital tools can bring significant benefits.

We've introduced you to 8+4 free digital marketing tools, but your strategy doesn't stop there. Net n' Design is a comprehensive company that can help you make the most of online marketing and achieve your business goals.

Our team has extensive experience in digital marketing, including:

  • Web Design & Development: Creating modern and efficient websites that will meet the needs of your users and contribute to the achievement of your goals.

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media: Design and implementation of integrated digital marketing strategies and management of social media channels to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

  • Graphic Design & Company Branding: Designing attractive graphics and creating a strong corporate identity that will set you apart from the competition.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and create a digital marketing strategy that will deliver results with the right digital marketing tools.

You can reach us through our website or call us at +302610318598.



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